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Another great visual novel/interactive fiction from Crux! This one had the perfect story for this time in real-life where we've been dealing with pandemics.

Hi there, thank you for playing Umbra Mortis and sharing your stream :) We're glad you liked it. We're thrilled to let you know that we've got another game in the works, which should be out in a couple of months. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for the release announcement. Thanks again for playing our games!


Really loved the story, especially with the character piece of coming to terms with death and the regrets you start to feel of once important actions feeling meaningless. Really have to side with the docs though, not sure how anyone is capable of staying happy when constantly dealing with patients who are going to die.

The game really reminds me of ‘I Am Legend’ and how the vampire affects humans, that closeness to what they once was with some capable of retaining their human minds, while at the same time others remnants of their selves and closer to monsters. Especially feels fitting for the game with the plague-like spread of the virus.

Hey there :) Thank you for playing Umbra Mortis and sharing your playthrough. Be sure to check our latest title, Decrypt. It's not a visual novel and is a more 'conventional' 3d horror game, but it has a disturbing, horrific narrative thread running through it that is waiting to be discovered :)


What? A vampire? That was the disease? Thanks for making this video game.


This game starts at aprox 21 minutes in - such a good story, really makes you feel like someone in the situation, as always from this studio wonderful character design and pacing with a story that keeps you guessing right up top the big reveal 

Thank you for playing Umbra Mortis and FuneralIt was delightful, once again, to watch your reading of the story and the characters. Stay well, stay safe!


Great pacing. It was fast paced and flowed like a movie. The atmosphere and world that was created was very fascinating and mysterious.


Hi Puzzlebox,

Thanks you for playing our game and for your comments and rating. We're happy that you enjoyed your play-through.

Have a wonderful day!


Hey Guys

I enjoyed playing this game, it had just the right amount of interesting dialogue to read and the right amount of terror!!

Here is my playthrough:



Hey iPossum, thank you for playing Umbra Mortis and for posting your play-through here!

For all the doom and gloom it seems when one door closes a window opens for the character. :) A dangerous window but still, nice work.

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Hey Cryptic Hybrid,
Thanks for playing and for posting your play-through here. We enjoyed watching it! As you observed, Umbra Mortis may be part of a larger story, one that dwells in more detail into the darkness that befalls the main character.
Have a wonderful day!

Looking forward to more UM. ;) 

Lemme tell you I was so intralled by this game. I couldn't even commentate because I was so sucked in. 10000/10 amazing story writing. 
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Hey there, ScaredLuna! Thank you for posting your awesome play through of the game and for your kind words! We loved the video.

Thanks for watching! I am wondering why when I tried to quit that Microsoft tried to open an application, are there hidden files for the game?
I really enjoyed the story and I hope that you guys will keep up the amazing work!


Thank you again for your kind words . 

We use a standard game development platform without any additional files, so that quit behavior is odd. Since we develop on Mac (which doesn't have this issue) we haven't noticed this,  but we'll try to replicate this on a Windows machine.  Thanks for the headsup.

Hope your throat is better now :)

It is. I dont think I warmed up enough so that happened lol. Thanks for uploading the game when you did, it was really refreshing to play!