A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A tale of existential horror — Attend a funeral and discover the dark secrets that have torn a family apart. 


  • Short  (20 minutes play time, play-in-one-sitting)
  • Compelling, story-rich narrative
  • Metaphysical / Existential theme
  • Custom sound track & art & sfx

Writing - A. Thomas
Music - Oblivion
Art - Incommunicado (AA)


Funeral-1.3-win.zip 31 MB
Funeral-1.3-mac.zip 30 MB
Funeral-1.3-linux.tar.bz2 34 MB

Development log


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After the excellent story told in The Babysitter, I just had to look into more of what this developer has to offer, when I found Funeral. The melancholy atmosphere comes through from the start, and the interesting characters make you want to learn more. I look forward to what this studio does next. 

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Thank you for playing Funeral, and for posting your play-through. 


Great story telling and character design, an excellent start for a studio with so much potential!

I really enjoyed the game. The suspense had me thinking there'd be a jumpscare lol but still enjoyed despite there not being one

Hey GamestaLee, thank you for playing and for sharing your awesome video; we're thrilled that you enjoyed it.

you're welcome 

Enjoyed the game a lot, a nice "choose your own path" kinda game. I recommend everyone to check it out, its short and pretty good :)

Hey Max Horror, we love your videos. Thanks for playing Funeral and sharing your play-through. We're happy that you enjoyed the game!