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When Maya gets a disturbing phone call from her estranged younger brother Nikil ("Nik"), it sets in motion a series of horrific events that stirs the past and threatens to destroy all she holds dear. 

Within is a short, first-person horror adventure featuring Crux Game Studios'  (The Hospital, Decrypt) unique style of narrative gameplay. 

"... a well-crafted little horror game with an interesting story and some great scares. The voicework and visual design are particularly impressive." - FreeGamePlanet.com


  • Compelling story - narrative-driven gameplay
  • Fully voice acted
  • All original soundtrack 
  • Bite-sized thrill - 30 mins playtime
  • Intense scares!

Updated 10 days ago
Published 27 days ago
Release date 27 days ago
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(59 total ratings)
AuthorCrux Game Studios
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, First-Person, Horror, Psychological Horror, Short, Story Rich, supernatural, Voice Acting
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Easily one of if not the best indie horror game around. Thoroughly enjoyed playing through this one. Very well done! 

YO! this game was amazing and its so clean, well done game dev :) xx

Man even the game within the game would have been a great little scary game. Great game!

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Love the story!

I'm new to YouTube and it would help a lot if you leave a like or subscribe if you like the content, also you can request a game by leaving a comment!

Thank you for playing Within and sharing your playthrough.


Hey guys, I'm new to youtube and would appriciate if you watched my video (: if you do enjoy leave a like and comment it would make my day (: oh and subscribe if you reallly liked it ! Thank youuuuuu

Thank you for playing Within. 


One of the scariest games i've played.. Made me wanna fight a demon irl.. Thank you and please.. Enjoy the video! <3 

Thanks for playing Within and sharing your playthrough.


Not what I expected from a free horror game!

An awesome little story, great use of sounds and imagery, realistic voice acting and great use of 3D and pixel graphics.

If you haven't downloaded this game and played it, stop wasting your time and download it already.

Thank you for sharing your playthrough and for the kind words. We're glad you enjoyed Within.


What a great story driven game! The voice acting was spot on, the graphics looked great and it was beyond spooky! Can't wait to try the other games. Keep up the frightening work!!

You can see my full play through on my YouTube Channel: Dj JustB

Thank you for playing Within and sharing your video.

No! Thank you for making such a fun and frightening game. Can't wait to play your other ones. Take car


An amazing Game! Great Story, and play through!

Thank you for the kind words; we're glad you enjoyed WIthin.


I really liked the game and happily recommend it. It has a nice set-up, an interesting story and good voice acting. I really liked the art for the backstory parts too. Good job all around. “The lust of mankind knows no depths. Its appetite for depravity knows no bounds”

Hey there, thanks for your kind words and sharing your video; that's an extremely cute cat in the thumbnail 🙂

great game n good job on the job

Thank you for sharing your play-through; we're glad you enjoyed Within. 

Very Good Story Line , Good Controls, Nice Execution Great Job Thanks For The Scares.


Thank you for playing Within.

Great game and very good voice acting! Keep up the good job! :)

Thank you for playing Within and sharing your video.

Absolutely banger of a game! I enjoyed playing it, and it got me a few times! Great story, wonderful atmosphere, and top-notch voice acting. Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see what's next!


Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your video. We're glad you enjoyed Within.




The storyline of this was so unique I loved it 

Thank you for playing Within.




Within is really good and if you want a quick game to play for content I recommend it !!!!

Thank you, we're glad you liked Within.


I had a blast playing within! I love story driven games with tons of details that immerse you into the world. Though only spending roughly 40 minutes with these characters, I felt invested in their story and sibling companionship. Causing me to find the ending quite emotional haha. After playing I was shocked that this was a free to play game! So glad I played. Keep up the good work! 

Hi there, thanks for playing Within and sharing your playthrough - glad you enjoyed it!



The end would have been perfect to show that Christ can save us from anything. Nonetheless, still a really solid horror game

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Glad you liked Within.  That's a great thought. We're believers ourselves, which is why the themes of grace, redemption, and notions of eternity run through our games.  


This game takes me on a ride~ 10 outta 10!

Thank you for playing Within and sharing your play-through.  It was fun to watch. 🙂

thank you for making this amazing game~~

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hi, great stuff :)

i have two questions:
1. how i can get the game soundtrack ?
2. what precisely are this old engravings / sketches / scrolls which we find in the sub-game ? did you draw them yourself ?

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hi there, thanks for reaching out. Please write us at hello@cruxgamestudios.com, and we'll be happy to hook you up with the soundtrack and more information about the game's art. We also have a "Making of" article in the works, where we'll go into greater detail about our development journey on Within


A game within a game. The scares got me.

Thank you for playing Within and sharing your video.

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after I press the new game button it gets stuck on a black screen.. the same thing happens when I press on credits. not sure what I have to provide to troubleshoot this

update: when I press escape it opens the pause menu with the options: "skip-resume-quit to main menu"

I press skip and it starts the game so I'm guessing there's a cutscene that's missing

also when I press "exit" the game stops responding and then crashes although it's not that much of a problem

I'm gonna re-download the zip file perhaps the problem will be fixed after I re-extract

Thank you for reporting this. Your PC is not playing the cutscenes, likely due to a missing media library. Could you try again after installing a media player like VLC? Also, we will continue this troubleshooting thread over email. Please write to us at hello@cruxgamestudios.com


Interesting horror game. A horror game inside a horror game. Way too good to be free. Here's my gameplay.  


That was *really* good. Maya's voiceactress was great, and the art on the collectables was superb. 

I had a major problem though... headbob. If I can't turn off headbob, the motionsickness gets me. (I know, I'm old and lame). Please include that option in the future. It's hard for me to get through them otherwise. 

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hi there, thank you for playing Within and for your feedback. We will look at adding an option to disable headbob in a future update. 


The story was the shining point for this game and the concept of having a game within a game was a nice surprise! If you like story-based horror, this short game will satisfy.

Thank you for playing Within and sharing your playthrough. Tracking bio-metrics is a cool way to play horror games 🙂 We're glad you liked the story. 


I was not expecting the cutscenes, but was pleasantly surprised. Thank you for the game :)

Thank you for playing Within. 


Pretty good game, lots of walking with no sprint tho lol, good story and ending! (Here is my playthrough if anyone is interested)

Thank you for playing Within and sharing your playthrough. 


Much like Nik says in the game, I'm normally not a huge fan of this style of game, but the overall design here was impressive, as well as the storytelling. Voice acting and sound design were also great. I'd love to see you guys do something a bit longer with some more varied gameplay elements incorporated into your stories; at this point you're definitely capable of going bigger and bigger, and I look forward to continue seeing your games evolve.

Thank you for your feedback.


I really enjoyed the game. The scares were well placed. Enjoyed the voice acting and how well the story unfolded. Unfortunately the first recording I did was missing audio, the second had the end cut off (but I got a couple great shorts of my wife getting jump scared), the third was missing audio again. Finally!! The forth one came out right!!

Glad you enjoyed Within; thank you for sharing your video. 


I loved the story concept and atmosphere of the game, it was so creepy. And my gosh, beautiful voice acting, great pacing, a thoroughly fantastic experience. It played like a modern Twilight Zone episode :D


Hello, thank you for playing our games and for your kind words. We're glad you enjoyed Within.


Such a great looking game with a terrifying atmosphere. Thanks!

Thank you for your kind words and sharing your video.

The game looks great! Hope we could collab on a future horror gaming project.

Please DM us on Twitter or write to us at hello@cruxgamestudios.com

i love the voice acting it was so good !! i enjoy the game nice work!

Thank you; glad you enjoyed Within.

Super creepy game. The voice acting was very good as well. Keep up the great work!

Thank you for playing Within; glad you enjoyed the game. 

Really fun stuff here.  Had the hairs on the back of my neck raised the whole time.  Even when I knew what was coming, it was enough to get me.  Absolutely fantastic.


Thank you for sharing your playthrough; we're glad you enjoyed Within.

Really great game! I enjoyed playing it, you did an amazing job :) 

Thank you for the kind words and for sharing your video. 

Really had a blast playing this game. It was the 1.0 version but man it checked all the boxes. I have played a lot of horror games too and certain parts still gave me chills.

Link Below of my first peak "Within"


Thank you for playing Within; we're glad you enjoyed it. 

This game was super good! the voice acting and the jump scares kept getting us! love it and keep it up!

Thanks for the kind words and for sharing your playthrough. 

Thank you!

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