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When a freight ship goes missing and is later found abandoned, you are sent to investigate it to solve the mystery of its missing crew.

The ISS Travan is found at a fringe system thousands of klicks off its original course.  

The GiS Trade Federation believes that its crew has abandoned the ship to evade crippling trade fines in a brutal interstellar economy. You are a Data Forensics officer assigned to investigate the vessel. 

What you will uncover on the Travan is a far more insidious and horrifying truth. 


  • First-person sci-fi survival-horror adventure
  • Story-rich gameplay - piece together a compelling narrative to discover the fate of the Travan's crew
  • Deep Exploration - traverse the ship to  locate Terminals to progress
  • All original soundtrack 
  • Bite-sized thrill - 45 mins - 1 hour playtime!
  • Intense scares 

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Nov 30, 2021
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(65 total ratings)
AuthorCrux Game Studios
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, First-Person, Horror, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Story Rich, supernatural, Survival Horror
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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So I completed the game, and honestly, it was really fun. I'd probably improve the flashlight, and add some voice messages, with the codes being in some sort of notepad. But other than that, really awesome and would definitely recommend others to give this a try! 7.5/10


DECRYPT: Una nave espacial de carga desaparece y mas tarde es encontrada abandonada y su tripulaci贸n desaparecida, nos pondremos en la piel de un oficial forense asignado para investigar que ha podido ocurrir, juego indie de terror espacial, muchas gracias por crear el juego, saludos a todos!!!!


loved the game, very interesting horror game but i did experience a bug during the chase sequence from either wing a or b where i passed through a doorway and i fell through the floor, causing a softlock.hope this helps.

Hi there, thank you for reporting this, we'll have a look. 


hey friends! I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed the game! Really impressed! 

Thanks for your kind words; glad you enjoyed the game. 


Now this was a pleasant surprise. Looking forward to another game.  

Glad you enjoyed Decrypt; thank you for sharing your video. 

No problem, looking forward to more


got me a few times not gunna lie! 

Thanks for playing Decrypt


Really scary game. Good job! 馃憤

Thanks for playing Decrypt and for sharing your video. 


insane amount of polish in this game !  it doesn't look like it's made with unity!    10 stars for me 

Thank you for the kind words; glad you enjoyed Decrypt.

Deleted 33 days ago

Thank you for the kind words; we're glad you enjoyed Decrypt.

Deleted 33 days ago

Space horror game better than Starfield


I can't believe that this game was free, what an experience. I am playing on mac due to my PC being currently not working but wow. I will 100% recommend this game to my friends. The graphics was amazing, the story was really well told and I wanted to look at every log to understand it all. For a free game?!?!?! 10/10 

Thank you for playing Decrypt; glad you enjoyed the game!


Thank you for your game good job


Another awesome game by Crux, as usual! 

Thanks for playing Decrypt and sharing your video!


A fun story if you like Pandorum and Event Horizon. Doesn't take too long to play. The walking (and running) speed can be quite slow if you have to backtrack, or when running from something. The game is very dark, even with boosted brightness, but that adds to the atmosphere I guess. It reminded me of the atmosphere I created in my Lost Solace books: dark, empty, ominous spaceships, and strange threats. So a thumbs up there!

hi there, thank you for playing Decrypt and for your feedback. We looked up your books and they sure sound awesome - right up our alley. We'll check them out! Thank you.


So creepy, great storytelling. 

Hi Amber, thank you for playing Decrypt and sharing your playthrough.

of course thank you. 



This was one of my all time favorite of your games! I enjoyed it a ton! great job! i will forever play all of the games you release!

Thank you for the kind words; we're glad you enjoyed Decrypt

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EDIT: The lore and plot and backstory... Holy hell!  Descriptive, thought out and makes you think of real life history and where humankind might be headed for, if not already at.  Had a few deep moments near the end.  Better ending (like I mentioned in the video) would have been just to BLOW THAT SHIP UP LOL!!!!

I can't believe I found this game!!  it was on the first screen when I opened Itch.  So I decided to stream it.  Super amazing job and also... evil job on some of the jumpscares.  I think my heart has turned into liquid and flowed out my rectum.  You're welcome for the mental image btw.  The lore is sooo well done.  I can't wait to find out how this ends... Totally expecting a sad ending, or tragic death for me (with my luck).  I will be posting highlights from my stream. (https://www.twitch.tv/vladtheuglyfattyfm)  If you see this in time, you might be able to catch it, but highly doubtful, I think I might be almost done.  But like I said, I've been taking lots of clips and highlights as I go, and I will highlight the gameplay and post it here.  10/10 AMAZING JOB!!!!! <3

P.S. The part in the mess hall with the thing sitting down and then turning around... FU! That was good and evil just to go back in and get a damn card hahahahah.  Good jumpscare xD

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Full playthrough here!


and the video on Youtube:

Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your playthrough! 


I Cannot give enough praise to the work that your studio puts out! Im on a mission to play all of your games on my channel! Fantastic work with the spooks and the amazing storylines!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for the kind words; we're glad you enjoyed Decrypt. Be sure to share the video of your playthrough here in the comments when you've published it on your channel.


Hey Guys! The video published a couple of days ago and here is it! Keep up the fantastic work! Also this is probably one of my favorite thumbnails ive done.

Hi there; thank you for sharing your playthrough! The thumbnail looks cool!


10/10 creepy! Gameplay...

Thank you for playing Decrypt and sharing your video. 


I cannot say enough good things about this game. It was creepy and mysterious. Keep up the great work! 

Thank you for playing Decrypt; we're glad you enjoyed the game.

Ich kaufe nichts

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Loved this game also it got me jump scared and terrified to wanna walk around. It was a little shame about the amount of reading but other than that you made another wonderful game just like within. 

Thank you for playing Decrypt and for sharing your video.


Fantastic game! Loved the Event Horizon vibes! Story was good and the text logs between the crew were extremely well written to properly lay out the disturbing back story of the ship and how it connected to the current goings-on. Well done! 

Hi there; thank you for playing our games and for your kind words and support馃檪. We're glad you enjoyed Decrypt.


Every single one of your games has been an absolute treat and I look forward to any and all of your future releases!


Great Game! Totally Farout! 

Really enjoyed the premise and sound design was top notch. 

I hope the team can further develop the lore and the universe and we see further games within that universe

check out my thought on the game

Hi, thank you for your kind words and for sharing your video. We're glad you enjoyed Decrypt. 


Great premise! A little more problem solving and FAR less reading would be great. It needs other ways to tell us the background, not just pages and pages of emails. More jump scares on that final run would have been cool too.

Regardless, a good game that I enjoyed!

Thank you for playing Decrypt and for sharing your feedback.


Loved this game! Reminded me a lot of Event Horizon! Solid 8.5/10!
Here's my playthrough:

Hi there; thank you for playing Decrypt and for such a positive rating. Be sure to check out our latest title, Within

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Had Great Fun Playing, Thank You!

Thanks for playing Decrypt and sharing your video. 


This has been one of my FAVORITE horror games to play!! You did SUCH an AMAZING job!! 

It's scary, it's stressful, but it's thrilling- and I loved every bit of this game!!

Hello! Thank you for playing Decrypt and sharing your video; it was great fun to watch your playthrough and your reaction to the game :) 


I got Alien and Event Horizon vibes (BTW such an underrated movie, same as The Soldier, but this is the topic for another discussion :) ). The atmosphere is cool, sound design very well crafted, notes interesting. Bravo!

When I went to the canteen I almost fell out of the game, think had a collider bug (on the wall, next to the stairs).

hi there, thank you for your kind words; we're glad you enjoyed Decrypt. (Thanks for reporting the collider issue; we'll have a look.)



Thank you for playing Decrypt and sharing your video. 


Really liked this game to be fair. Great story in my opinion where it starts slowly just figuring out what happened. Overall turning over time scarier and scarier. In my opinion, really fun to play.

Thank you for the kind words and for sharing your playthrough! We're glad you enjoyed Decrypt.


An amazing job working on this! Just one small issue tho: at the end, the "jumpscares" were pretty dull at that time because it was already expected anyway, maybe try something else?

鈦揚layed and completed by Skies (NightcoreSkies on YouTube)

Thank you for playing the game and for your feedback!


Wow guys, good job! Amazing game :D

Thank you, we're glad you liked it!


Good game! I really enjoyed it. Thank you!

Thank you for playing Decrypt.


Such a damn good game. Enjoyed every second of the story and the jump scares got me good. I named the antagonist Jim to be less scary...Didn't work.

Hi, thank you for sharing your playthrough; we're glad you enjoyed Decrypt!


No problem, Thankyou for the awesome game. Keep doing what your doing.


This was a great game! Good length and the slow-build on the horror was excellent!

Thank you for playing Decrypt and sharing your stream. 


This was a super fun, tense experience.  My only criticism would be it would've been nice to have more checkpoints.  Beyond that, fantastic game!

Thank you for your kind words and your feedback. 


Game is cool


Excellent game with very interesting lore behind it! I'm fairly cautious about these short horror games because they tend to have a strong start, but weak finish. I have to say Decrypt was consistently good all throughout and had a very satisfying ending, I can't believe it was only 45 minutes long. Were you inspired by the movie "Event Horizon" perhaps? It certainly had a similar vibe.

(1 edit)

Hi there, thanks for playing Decrypt and for your kind words. Yep, good catch,  we're fans of Event Horizon, and we're pretty sure that some of that influence made its way into the game. :) 

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