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When a freight ship goes missing and is later found abandoned, you are sent to investigate it to solve the mystery of its missing crew.

The ISS Travan is found at a fringe system thousands of klicks off its original course.  

The GiS Trade Federation believes that its crew has abandoned the ship to evade crippling trade fines in a brutal interstellar economy. You are a Data Forensics officer assigned to investigate the vessel. 

What you will uncover on the Travan is a far more insidious and horrifying truth. 


  • First-person sci-fi survival-horror adventure
  • Story-rich gameplay - piece together a compelling narrative to discover the fate of the Travan's crew
  • Deep Exploration - traverse the ship to  locate Terminals to progress
  • All original soundtrack 
  • Bite-sized thrill - 45 mins - 1 hour playtime!
  • Intense scares 

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Updated 27 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Nov 30, 2021
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(49 total ratings)
AuthorCrux Game Studios
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, First-Person, Horror, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Story Rich, supernatural, Survival Horror
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Great Game! Totally Farout! 

Really enjoyed the premise and sound design was top notch. 

I hope the team can further develop the lore and the universe and we see further games within that universe

check out my thought on the game

Great premise! A little more problem solving and FAR less reading would be great. It needs other ways to tell us the background, not just pages and pages of emails. More jump scares on that final run would have been cool too.

Regardless, a good game that I enjoyed!


Loved this game! Reminded me a lot of Event Horizon! Solid 8.5/10!
Here's my playthrough:

Hi there; thank you for playing Decrypt and for such a positive rating. Be sure to check out our latest title, Within

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Had Great Fun Playing, Thank You!

Thanks for playing Decrypt and sharing your video. 


This has been one of my FAVORITE horror games to play!! You did SUCH an AMAZING job!! 

It's scary, it's stressful, but it's thrilling- and I loved every bit of this game!!

Hello! Thank you for playing Decrypt and sharing your video; it was great fun to watch your playthrough and your reaction to the game :) 


I got Alien and Event Horizon vibes (BTW such an underrated movie, same as The Soldier, but this is the topic for another discussion :) ). The atmosphere is cool, sound design very well crafted, notes interesting. Bravo!

When I went to the canteen I almost fell out of the game, think had a collider bug (on the wall, next to the stairs).

hi there, thank you for your kind words; we're glad you enjoyed Decrypt. (Thanks for reporting the collider issue; we'll have a look.)



Thank you for playing Decrypt and sharing your video. 


Really liked this game to be fair. Great story in my opinion where it starts slowly just figuring out what happened. Overall turning over time scarier and scarier. In my opinion, really fun to play.

Thank you for the kind words and for sharing your playthrough! We're glad you enjoyed Decrypt.


An amazing job working on this! Just one small issue tho: at the end, the "jumpscares" were pretty dull at that time because it was already expected anyway, maybe try something else?

鈦揚layed and completed by Skies (NightcoreSkies on YouTube)

Thank you for playing the game and for your feedback!


Wow guys, good job! Amazing game :D

Thank you, we're glad you liked it!


Good game! I really enjoyed it. Thank you!

Thank you for playing Decrypt.


Such a damn good game. Enjoyed every second of the story and the jump scares got me good. I named the antagonist Jim to be less scary...Didn't work.

Hi, thank you for sharing your playthrough; we're glad you enjoyed Decrypt!


No problem, Thankyou for the awesome game. Keep doing what your doing.


This was a great game! Good length and the slow-build on the horror was excellent!

Thank you for playing Decrypt and sharing your stream. 


This was a super fun, tense experience.  My only criticism would be it would've been nice to have more checkpoints.  Beyond that, fantastic game!

Thank you for your kind words and your feedback. 


Game is cool


Excellent game with very interesting lore behind it! I'm fairly cautious about these short horror games because they tend to have a strong start, but weak finish. I have to say Decrypt was consistently good all throughout and had a very satisfying ending, I can't believe it was only 45 minutes long. Were you inspired by the movie "Event Horizon" perhaps? It certainly had a similar vibe.

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Hi there, thanks for playing Decrypt and for your kind words. Yep, good catch,  we're fans of Event Horizon, and we're pretty sure that some of that influence made its way into the game. :) 

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Excellent! Smooth and immersive in so many ways. Especially superb use of lighting! 

The jumpscaresque flashes were a face flashes were cliche, but used sparingly enough that i think they added (it happened twice i think?). I didn't like the red mist though. 

I'm not sure if this is just a limitation of the medium, but I've always felt unseen monsters are way scarier than seen ones. I'm not sure there's really a way you can run and hide from an immediate threat in a game without seeing the monster (original amnesia took a go at it once I suppose), but if there was a way to be (or at least feel) hunted without actually seeing the monster... but again, not sure there's really a good way to do it. 

Really enjoyed it though!

Quick amendment -- The game didn't have a "disable headbob" option. Had I purchased this on steam, I would have returned it immediately as that triggers my motion sickness.

Hi there, thank you for playing Decrypt and for your thoughtful feedback. We're glad you enjoyed your time with the game. We're sorry to hear that the head-bobbing caused discomfort; we'll surely look at adding an option to disable it in a later release.


Story was solid, scares were fun and the sound design made it 10x scarier. I liked that you embraced your limitations, and used the darkness to make the models more intimidating, although the PNG scares, while spooky, felt a wee bit cheap. Other than that, class stuff.

I did a video on it, however the story didn't have a presence in it, so proceed with understanding there I suppose. The long reading segments don't particularly meld with my editing style, it's not an underlying statement about the story itself!

Thank you for playing Decrypt and for your feedback. We're glad you enjoyed it!

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I really enjoyed the game I recorded a video on it I hope I did it justice I was a little jokey through my playthrough but I really enjoyed its concepts and the story. great game

Thank you for playing Decrypt and sharing your stream. 


amazing gameplay awesome jumpscares and the sound is incredible keep up the amazing work can't wait to see future games 馃槉
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Thank you for sharing your playthrough; we're glad you enjoyed Decrypt.


The story is interesting, and the sound design is FANTASTIC. Thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish, keep up the awesome work!

Thanks for playing Decrypt and sharing your video; it was entertaining to watch! 


Love the story, love the graphic and the environment of this horror game.

Thank you for playing Decrypt and sharing your playthrough. We're glad you enjoyed the game!


Very well done sci-fi horror!

- Environment and level design is spectacular
- Audio/SFX are great, really adds to the experience
- Game mechanics are solid. I loved the narrative elements, key-lock mechanics, etc
- Well balanced mix of jump scares, tension, and atmosphere!
- I was really terrified glad I played this game! :)

Thank you for playing and for sharing your stream here :)

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Not gonna lie, this game was an excellent bit of horror. I'm a huge fan of sci-fi horror so I latched onto it almost immediately and I liked the Event Horizon style supernatural horror elements too. I wound up enjoying the game so much that I featured it on my TikTok channel here: https://www.tiktok.com/@dailygamebytes/video/7079540531231083819?is_from_webapp=...

Great job, and I'm already looking forward to seeing more from you in the future.


Thank you for playing Decrypt and featuring the game on your TikTok channel; we're happy to know that you enjoyed the game!


Did you make these assets yourself?


Hello there, we used a combination of purchased and customized assets. You can read about our game development process here: The Making of Decrypt


I'm really enjoying your game so far. I hope you make more horror games :)


Phenomenal work! Everything about this was fantastic start to finish. And as a huge fan of Event Horizon, I appreciate a more supernatural sci-fi story instead of the usual angry alien.

Thank you for playing Decrypt and for your kind words. 


Damn, I had low expectations when I load up the game but it's very impressive than how I imagined it to be. Keep up the good work, because you frightened me with this at times!

Thank you for your kind words! We're glad you enjoyed Decrypt.


amazing game wish there was more when the end happened I felt like this could become full game and if it did I happily pay full price for it but 10/10 game in my eyes game starts at 7:17 if you like to watch  it :) 

Thanks for playing Decrypt and sharing your stream!


Simply terrific game. Worth every cent of five dollars paid. Oh boi how I wish to see second one or made it bigger. 

Thank you for the kind words; we're glad you enjoyed Decrypt.


This game opened my eyes to how writing and environment can have a bigger impact than anything else!

Thank you for playing Decrypt. It was delightful to watch your playthrough and your reading! We look forward to the next episode.

Holy shit!  You actually watched it!!!  Thank you so much!!!!!


i personally finished this game, its the last game i play on this video and was sooooo much fun!! good job dev i liked the game quite a bit, good environment and had great scares 

Thanks for playing Decrypt and sharing your stream!


A very well-made game, I must say. Quite impressive both graphically and aurally. The terminals do get a bit repetitive but props for putting so much effort in all fronts.

Thank you for the kind words; we're glad you enjoyed Decrypt.


I enjoyed this quite a bit and the story was great, but it did get a little tiresome having to constantly find more terminals and read messages. I wish some of them were audio logs. Good scares though!

Thank you for playing Decrypt and for your feedback.


Un juego muy entretenido, mucho misterio, buen sci-fi. Ojal谩 hagan m谩s pronto.

Gracias por jugar Decrypt y por compartir tu video. 隆Nos alegra que hayas disfrutado el juego!



This game took me by surprise and it is definitely on of the better games on itch.io. Great story telling with plenty of twists and a truly terrifying atmosphere. 

Thank you for playing Decrypt and for the kind words. 


An excellent game by a very talented team of developers. This game has a very detailed environment, a nice story with unexpected twists and overall is very fun, give it a try its really good!
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Thank you for the review and for sharing your stream :) 


I wasn't sure what to expect when I started to play this game, but I was rather surprised/impressed with its visuals and audio design, in general it kept me uncomfortable and tense. Story-wise, I liked how detailed it was, going from near the start of the journey, to the end, but with that comes an aspect of this game that could definitely be improved upon in any future projects. 

As I edited this, I realized how much of the video consisted of reading terminals. Similar to what the previous comment about this game, there are many ways to tell a story and it doesn't need to be presented in a readable manner all the time.  

Another improvement would be variation. This is with regards to the repetitive loop of getting crypto keys, reading terminals, opening doors, etc. This ties in with my previous point, since the story is solely delivered through terminals. Providing multiple ways of telling a story can open up different ways of designing how the game flows overall.  

One thing to keep in mind in general, that I found a bit difficult to deal with, would be the flashlight, which barely helps in-game. Especially regarding the setting the game takes place in, the flashlight felt like it didn't really match well, and I had to increase brightness in both my game, and while editing. 

However, despite these criticisms, I still really enjoyed the game, and am glad that I played it. Overall, it was a very enjoyable, and tense experience and it has me interested to see what other projects you make in the future. 

Hi there, thank you for playing the game and for sharing detailed thoughts!

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I was expecting a different experience than the one that I got but I do think there are some good things in this game. I just wish those cool things weren't marred by some of the repetitive aspects and focused a bit more on visual story-telling rather than notes every other minute. 

I'm glad that I played Decrypt but I disagree heavily with some of the other comments on this page that seem to only give generic positive responses. I don't think that type of criticism is healthy for a developer that definitely cares about what they make.

The game runs great and there are cool ideas that could have been fleshed out had there not been a huge focus on the writing and obtaining of story-telling notes is basically my biggest criticism.

Thanks for making games!

Hi there, thanks for playing Decrypt and for your feedback.

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This was AMAZING!! I was so surprised with how awesome this game is! I'm honestly surprised its free!! This is a game that I would pay money for! Really, really enjoyable! Super scary but super fun!!! Highly recommend!

Thank you for your kind words; we're delighted that you enjoyed the game. We hope you'll get well soon!


A horror game doesn't have to be this dark. You can put in some lighting and still be scary. And wow, a lot of reading!

Hi there, thank you for trying the game and for your feedback. 

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