A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

At a house in a remote suburb, what you find over the course of one evening, and the decisions you have to make, will test your resolve, your beliefs, and your sanity. 

The Babysitter is a horror adventure and visual novel from Crux Game Studios that features:

+ A compelling fast-paced story 
+ Original art
+ Original soundtrack
+ Choice-based and point-and-click gameplay
+ Bite-sized thrill — average playtime of 45mins - 1 hour.
+ Intense scares!

Updated 5 days ago
Published 11 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorCrux Game Studios
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
Made withRen'Py
TagsCreepy, Dark, Horror, Narrative, Point & Click, Story Rich, Thriller
Average sessionAbout an hour


TheBabysitter-1.3-win.zip 44 MB
TheBabysitter-1.3-mac.zip 44 MB
TheBabysitter-1.3-linux.tar.bz2 48 MB

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This game is very well made... Those jumpscares really got me hard though lol...

Also, I think there are two alternatives to this story:
You leave the house or you stay with Maya, regardless of your trust with Maya's story...

Thank you for playing! We're glad that you enjoyed the game :)


Well Done!!


Enjoy Every Moment!

Thank you for playing and for posting your playthrough!


This was extremely interesting, and well done!


Thank you for playing The Babysitter! We're glad you enjoyed it.


this was terrifying! i absolutely loved the game and it had me spooked the entire time! gosh the part in the basement really had me scared

Hi there, we're thrilled that you loved the experience; thank you for playing!


I don't usually play games like this, but wow... This is great! It actually made me jump. The scares were timed perfectly, and it was just all around creepy the whole time. Very nice. Are there different endings if you choose different replies?

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Thank you for your kind words and for playing The Babysitter. We're thrilled you enjoyed (and were spooked by) the game. 

And yes, (without giving away spoilers, we can say that) although the fundamental outcome is similar, major choices do influence the way events play out in the third act. 


Great job with the music & art work creating a  delightfully foreboding atmosphere!

Thank you for your kind comment and for playing our game! We're glad you enjoyed it.